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Orch Network is a privacy-preserving decentralized zero-knowledge secure multi computation platform for writing, testing, and deploying mathematically verifiable secure cyber contracts (smart contracts), decentralized development of software, and real-time decentralized applications that behave exactly as intended. Unlike Ethereum smart contracts with a history of repeated hacks and stolen funds, hundreds and millions of dollars, Orch ensures that no runtime errors or intentional/unintentional bugs can be used as exploits to steal funds and corrupt Orch Turing-Incomplete cyber contracts.


Privacy And Untracability


Safe And Secure

Cyber Contracts

Realtime Blockchain

Beats VISA Throughput

Highly Unforkable

100% Decentralized


Orch is an advanced real-time unforkable cryptocurrency as well as a blockchain platform that is poised to be the major infrastructure for enabling the next-generation decentralized internet of the future. Both the infrastructure and dapps built on top of it are extremely difficult to replicate. This implies the token value will appreciate 100x plus in the near future.

All ORC token holders having more than 1 Million tokens and more will automatedly receive equivalent amount of ORCs Orch stablecoins automatically. ORCs is an advanced non-collateralized stablecoin that will algorithmically maintain its price relative to USD/Euro/CHF and OECD data as well as internal parameters via automated coin-splitting/reverse coin-splitting. ORCs will emerge as a perfect currency for derivatives, synthetic assets, macro-micro payments and as a non-sovereign reserve asset.

Orch team is planning to release a software development kit (SDK) for dapp developers as soon as testnet goes live. Dapp developers will need ORC tokens to deploy their dapps on Orch network and ORCs for setting up payment gateways.

Orch-powered Coinship decentralized exchange will enable Orch tokens holders to swap cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets without any transaction fee for a certain number of transactions per week.


Design PhilosophyDecentralized agent-oriented focused on secure multicomputation and decentralized software design, engineering and testingCentralized Role-based permissions and web toolkitProtocol of subprotocols
Consensus MechanismStarcash randomly selected Byzantine agreements, unforkable and community dapp financingDPos, Self-funded community benefit appsPoW/PoS Hybrid
ScalabilityBillions of transactions per secondMillion of transactions per secondThousands of transactions per second(Casper Upgrade)
Hash AlgorithmBlake2b (Highest security ever)ECDCASHA-3 (ETH Hash)
DoS Attacks/Privacy PreservingDoS attacks are not possible at all as the sortion algorithm randomly selects the block produces amongst thousands of P2P nodes.Spammers can only consume the proportion of the network that their EoS tokens entitle them toA single smart contract can freeze out the entire network and miners preferably select High-Fee transactions.
Untraceable TransactionYes, due to the functional encryption embedded in Orch.NoNo
Truly DecentralizedYesNoYes
Turing Incomplete Smart contractsYesNoNo
ScalabilityBillions of transactions per secondMillion of transactions per secondThousands of transactions per second(Casper Upgrade)


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