Founder and Technical Advisor

He has 10 years experience in R&D, testing and production. Ren is also an accomplished creator of several AI and machine learning algorithms in the domain of reinforcement learning, recurring neural networks and automated discovery.

Aditya Singh

Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer

Aditya’s skill set is primarily within full stack web development and resolves a wide range of technology stack problems. Despite his considerable knowledge he is always ready to learn more. His primary aim is to provide value to the marketplace. He is highly proactive and becomes fully involved with the projects he works on providing his exceptional skills and knowledge to make things happen and achieve positive outcomes.

Ryan Tando

Senior Javascript Developer

Ryan is a passionate programmer and has been coding since he was 14 years old and has created several web applications. In his high school days he built a profitable news aggregator website. He has experience in building websites and mobile applications with javascript using several framework such as Node.js, Angular.js Electron.js, Ionic.js and React.js.

Suraj Singla

Blockchain And Solidity Developer

Suraj has worked in various specialist fields including Web-development, Data Science and Blockchain. He is also highly competent in development languages such as Ruby, Python, JavaScript(JS). At the age of 18 he started trading in crypto currencies. He became very interested in the technology behind it, which started his career as a Blockchain developer. His main skills include Solidity, IPFS, DApps.

Shrey Tibdewal

Video Editor

Shrey graduated engineering in electronics and telecommunications, and after graduation, he chose video editing, animation, and graphic designing as his profession. He has been a video editor for more than 5 years now and has edited several videos currently on youtube, TV ads, etc.